Sunday, March 22, 2009

The world is flat

Just another instance of the world we live in becoming flat.
You've heard me talk about calling the help desk for a computer problem and talking to someone in the Philippines, well here is another example closer to home. Sunday morning early is usually reserved for reading the paper while drinking a vanilla latte'. This morning my paper wasn't here so I called the circulation desk to report it. When I finally was able to talk to a person they filed my complaint and credited my account. I knew the man had a foreign accent so I asked him where he was and he replied " the Philippines."
Amazing, we live 20 minutes from Macon and when I don't receive a paper I report it to someone in the Philippines. Definitely a case of outsourcing the job somewhere for less money but the key fact is that we're all connected. We need to make sure our students can deal with all this connectivity. We can't shy away thinking it will go away, if anything there are higher levels of connectivity that I'm sure we'll experience in the future.
Get ready, the world is becoming flatter by the minute.

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