Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Observations from the beach

I've just completed my annual unwind and recharge at the beach and I must say there are several things that hit me since the last time I was there.
First, more than likely due to the different hats I wore this past year and also the uncharted waters of new administration, I noticed it took me longer to unwind than usual. Normally I'm into the mode by the 3rd day but this time it was later in the week before I achieved that true Toes in Sand mentality.
Secondly, the beach is a wonderful place for noticing colors especially the different shades of red, white and brown. Have we not heard about sunscreen? The water was clear as you would expect staying at Crystal beach on the Emerald coast.
Lastly, it seemed as if everywhere I turned there were tattoos and I stay at what would be considered a family beach. Maybe it's those temporary ones but I couldn't help but wonder how many of these people wore suits and ties to work. I guess it's a way of letting loose and unwinding while they're at the beach.
The beach holds different meanings and purposes for everyone but for me it has always been a time to unwind, reflect and begin the planning process for the coming year. To that end it was mission accomplished.

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