Friday, September 10, 2010

Another beginning of the school year

As I begin my 33rd consecutive start of a school year, I am in a state of high anticipation of the the coming year. Here is a partial list of what I look forward to. 
Of course the obvious,  another group of students (and parents) to guide in the proximity of the right direction. At times the right direction seems to be a moving target but I hold true to a core belief- what is right is right, it may not be popular but it is still right. I try to base all decisions on this premise. Sometimes this can be difficult but with the experience comes wisdom, so they say.
I am also looking forward to working with a faculty that has been with me for 2 consecutive years. I realize some would say familiarity breeds contempt but I prefer to look at it as the better we know each other the better we work together. This faculty has a chance to be one of the best I've worked with and I look forward to moving ahead with them.
On a personal note, my youngest begins that treacherous journey called high school, wasn't it a few short moments ago my oldest was doing the same? My oldest is now a sophomore in college and has used his God given gift of gab to secure an RA job and to be up for an even more prestigious Teaching Assistant job later in the year. Plus he will co op anywhere from Florida to South Carolina to Atlanta . Both of those will be interesting to watch unfold.
I am also scheduled to chair 2 SAIS visiting teams, 1 in Georgia , the other in North Carolina. I love visiting other schools and bringing back ideas. Collaboration is definitely the key.

It's shaping up to be a great year and and I'll try to keep you posted on the progress on this blog or follow me on Twitter at:

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