Friday, May 18, 2012

Technology changing the lives of college students

I found these stats on an infographic on Twitter the other day. It related how technology is changing the lives of college students. Here are a few of the pertinent stats:
73% of college students say they can't study without technology.
70% use keyboards or tablets to take notes not paper.
12 million college students take one or more online classes.
Digital Textbooks cost 40% less than regular textbooks.

Interesting to say the least. The push back I encounter against technology has always been we need to prepare students for the next level(college). Well it would seem, the next level has already arrived in the 21st century.
What does this mean for the way we prepare our students for the college? Shouldn't our goal be that our students experience as much college level training while still in high school? If they encounter adversity, we are there to guide and counsel. However, with the increase in technology at the next level, are we accomplishing that goal?
Can we continue to utilize 20th century methodology such as paper, pencils, long lectures and teacher centered classrooms or can we finally begin the journey, as some schools have done, into the 21st century? The wave of change moves closer and closer. The next move is up to you.

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