Sunday, August 3, 2008

We're Back !!!

The end of the summer break has for all intents and purposes already arrived. The schedule, barring personnel surprises, is in the final stages. My colleagues I need but don't see often during the summer are returning and of course the heat and humidity are unbearable. I've read many excellent educational and thought provoking articles and books and am ready to put into motion several new ideas dealing with instruction, technology and curriculum.

I hope the buzzwords for the year include wikis, blogs and backward design. Teachers and students should be excited about these 21st century tools. Technology plays an integral role in most student's lives, they shouldn't have to check that at the door when they enter school. We are the digital immigrants they are the digital natives. We are preparing them for careers that may not even exist at this time. Teaching them to be problem solvers is the key.
I've also inherited a new position in addition to the Academic Coordinator and that is Lower School Principal. I'm looking forward to the challenge but at present I reside in the first stage of awareness, I don't know that I don't know. Everything is uncharted territory but hopefully with the help of an energetic faculty I can progress to the second level soon.

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