Saturday, August 22, 2009


Since I'm teaching a leadership class to seniors this year I thought I'd post about some of the discussions we've had in the past several weeks.
It's interesting most of the students are focused with completing tasks and not with moving into a leadership position. They understand the strategies but are comfortable to sit on the so called "sidelines" instead of "getting in the game".
There needs to be a project of some sort to inspire or at least put them in a position where they would have to lead but so far my creativity hasn't been able to produce one.
The end of course reflection by the students produced interesting feedback also. The wiki and the blog were popular with the usual suspects note taking and tests being the least favorite. My second class and third classes have been more engaged but we still aren't to the point where I believe we've reached true understanding.

The second rotation through will be interesting to see if they retained any of the core knowledge from the first semester.

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