Friday, July 29, 2011

A Different Summer Part 1

I started this post a week or so ago and I had so much to say I ended up separating it into a Part 1(now) and Part II ( next week). The blog will serve as my way of keeping you updated as I continue my job search.

As the weeks of summer continue to fly by rapidly, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the school year  may begin with me sitting on the sidelines for the first time in 33 years. Opportunities have come and gone throughout the spring and summer but lately it has been very quiet on the job front.
Obviously there are a totally different set of emotions for me compared to past summers. I do have more time for myself and family, there's more time to think which can be beneficial but there is no sense of busyness for the beginning of school and that's where I'm struggling.  I miss the sense of urgency, the anticipation of what lies ahead and the wondering if everything will go as planned. That's what I've done at this time of the year for over half my life. There is a sense of urgency now but it's different. It deals with the basic need of providing for my family, a situation of utmost importance but one which I have less control .
I have also come to the realization that my true mission in life has yet to be revealed to me. I am optimistic and have faith that eventually it will be revealed but the "eventually" part is frustrating to say the least.
I have definitely learned throughout this experience. I've learned the true strength of a relationship is proven during times of adversity, like the last 4 months. The relationships I tried to foster through the last dozen years have turned out to be strong and for the most part, ones I'll treasure forever. There have been a few that have surprised me both on the positive and negative side.  I'll chalk the negatives up to a number of issues, the economy, the school climate and more importantly my lack of cultivating them as I should have. Regardless, I am richer for the experience.
I really appreciate all the prayers and kind thoughts throughout this ordeal. It truly humbles me to know so many of you care about my well being.
More to follow in the coming weeks!
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