Wednesday, September 28, 2011

1000 Tweets with more to come

Hard to believe, 1000 tweets. This post is a reflection on Twitter becoming an integral part of my professional development life.  In fact, I am amazed that more educators aren't utilizing it for their benefit.
When I first started Twitter, I was a lurker and I really didn't understand the buzz. However, as I followed the more like minded educators, it became crystal clear. Twitter provides me a connection with teachers and administrators from all over the world.
Whether it be Patrick Larkin @bhsprincipal, Eric Sheninger @nmhsprincipal, Scott McLeod @mcleod, Steven Anderson @web20classroom,  Lyn Hilt @L_Hilt, Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher or any of the others members of my PLN, they inspire me constantly by their tweets and insights to the 21st century.
From them, I learn new techniques for classroom activities(lesson plans), technology(cell phones, Ipads, Ipods and netbooks) and current trends in education(1:1 laptop initiatives, four day school weeks etc.). Simply put, I am more knowledgeable and effective because I can connect with others who share similar passions.
I know Twitter from time to time is misunderstood by many as a "why do I need that" type of gadget, but I find it more beneficial each and every day.  The conversation is productive and thought provoking allowing collaborative learning to occur.
It's the 21st century, we are in this together. Why limit your students to just what you know, bring them the wealth of resources available to you through Twitter. Here's hoping my next thousand tweets are just as inspiring.

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