Friday, September 23, 2011

A Different Summer Part II

This is Part II of a post I published earlier.
Once again it's different not being affiliated with a school at this time of year. Instead of student schedules and greeting teachers and parents, my mind is more towards carpool line for my son and searching for jobs.
There has been little movement on the job front in quite a while so necessity must bring  forth creativity, I'm going in a different direction.
I am "working" as an educational consultant and trainer. I have done this with my PLU classes on a part time basis in the past but now it will be full time. Two characteristics are necessary to being a consultant; experience in a wide range of areas and an ability to want to share what you know with others. Check and double check on both those.
This would include professional learning classes dealing with curriculum, technology integration, discipline and accreditation issues. I would tailor my presentations to the needs of the schools. Need me to lead a class after school, I'm there, a Saturday class ditto. Speak to parents as an outside resource, can do.
I know there is a need for what I can deliver but in this economic and educational (20th century) climate, the question will be can I find those willing to step forward and allow me to share with their teachers?

Needless to say. I enter this world with some trepidation but I am a glass half full type of person. I've reinvented myself several times during my career, from coach to administrator to head of school to curriculum leader to professional development trainer to middle school principal to elementary principal to technology. Hopefully this is just another change for the best.
I continue to be encouraged by friends wishing me well as I embark on this new adventure. That continual presence of genuine support is what sustains me through the occasional dark day. I don't say this to them nearly enough but to take a phrase from Angela Maiers  "you matter in my life" and I'm forever grateful.

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