Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ted Talks to inspire conversation

Here are some of my favorite Ted Talks to inspire conversation.
Feel free to add your favorite to the list through comments.
I've been a fan of Sir Ken Robinson for years. I finally heard him in person at the GISA conference 2010. His humor and passion for the education revolution are truly inspiring. He has done several Ted Talks but this is one of his best.
Ken Robinson- Do schools kill creativity?

Adults can learn from children. This 11 year old reminds us of this in a very mature way
Adora Svitak- What adults can learn from children

This talk is especially poignant for me because of my aversion to school lunches and their lack of nutrition.
Jamie Oliver- Teach every child about food

I've been a fan of Daniel Pink since I read and reread his book " A Whole New Mind."  He shares some surprising facts about how motivation occurs.
Daniel Pink and the surprising science of motivation

A great talk about what and who truly matters in your life from the caring and compassionate Angela Maiers.
Angela Maiers- You Matter

A great talk about implementing a 2-1 program with laptops and IPod touches
David Fincher from Greater Atlanta Christian 

Chris Lehmann introduces a revolutionary idea in education- encourage learning by allowing students to do things they are good at instead of restricting them.
Chris Lehmann- Education is broken

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