Friday, March 9, 2012

The time of the season

The transition to Spring temperatures, Daylight Savings Time and the need to be outside after spending the Winter inside has arrived. Young children are pushed by overzealous parents who involve them with activities without regard to school schedules or the need for structure. Routine is non existent which is not always detrimental, but at this time of the year it can be. Students seem distracted, bored and disinterested in learning.
Older students view it as a time to prepare for Spring Break, prom and even summer vacation instead of focusing on the next lecture or monotonous activity. Can you blame them?
This is the time of the year where great teachers excel and mediocre teachers have issues. As a principal, I knew this time of the year separated teachers into two groups: the merely good or average and the truly great.
Great teachers know now is the time more than ever for engaging, relevant lessons, mediocre teachers rehash the past and then bemoan the lack of control they seem to have over these non motivated students.
The main difference between 20th century education and 21st century education is the need for teacher relevance. Technology helps us maintain relevance with our students. With this relevance, we are then capable of sustaining the learning experience through this transitional time of the year. Without it, the remainder of the year will be a series of step backs and issues followed by a frenzied rush to the end of the school year.
Now is the time to refocus our energies, collaborate with our peers and create new methods for engaging our students.
Spring Break is only weeks away, then the fun truly begins.

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