Thursday, September 20, 2012

My Favorite Apps and Websites (Part 1)

Here is a list of my favorite, most used apps and websites. I originally had 10 but the number keeps increasing so I'll blog about the rest next week. Enjoy and feel free to add to the list by way of comments.

Evernote- I use this cloud based app from my phone and also on my laptop. When I see content I can use in my presentations, I'll upload it to my Evernote notebook. Then it synchs to the website where it can be viewed on my laptop. I like the back and forth functionality between my phone and laptop.

Bump- This is an I Phone or Android app that allows you to "bump" with another phone to pass pictures or other information to that phone. Yes you could text or email them but this is the 21st century way. So much for business cards.

Dropbox- Another cloud based free app for the phone and laptop. This service lets you store pictures, videos or documents and access them from anywhere. Like Evernote I love being able to synch between multiple devices. Basically, accessible storage for your documents, pictures, etc.

Diigo- A great website that allows you to save a website or article in the clouds. When I see an interesting article but don't have the time to read it, I save it to Diigo instead of the bookmark section of the computer I'm using. In doing so I can access it on any laptop later when I'm not as busy. Diigo also allows you to share your bookmarks with others which I do through this blog.

Pandora- An app and a website my sons were using and I eventually tried. It's totally free music, with periodic ads. Want to listen to smooth jazz, yes you can. Foo Fighters, ditto. Even the oldies are there. Program what you want to hear and listen, it's that simple. For me it's great for the treadmill but when my son makes the long drive home from college, he uses it as a radio station. No more searching the dial trying to find music you like.

Part 2 of the list is coming soon.

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