Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My Favorite Apps and Websites (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of my list of favorite apps and websites.

Twitter-  My 24/7 Professional Learning tool resource. I connect with innovative minds from around the globe.This is the one tool I utilize each and every day and you should too.

Zite- An app and a website that allows you to select categories, for me Education, Professional Development, Gardening and Zite searches the Web for related articles. Then the articles are presented to you in newspaper format. Zite searches the Web so you don't have to.

Blogs/ Wikis- These are the two tools that I utilize the most over the last several years. I'm still amazed that more educators aren't aware of the potential for these tools in the classroom. We have created these in every Professional learning class I've taught for the last five years and I enjoy watching these new bloggers progress each year.
For wikis, I use PBWorks, however wikispaces is very similar.
For blogs, I use blogger but Wordpress  and EduBlogs are good platforms too.
Google Reader- Part of the Google set of tools. It aggregates all the blogs I follow and informs me when there's a new post to read. Si instead of going to each and every blog to search for new posts, I go to Google Reader and it's all there for me. Another tool I use frequently.

New Apps
Songify- Speak and the app transforms the words into a song.
Photoshop Express- A great app for editing photos from your phone

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