Monday, April 1, 2013

You might be stuck in the 20th century if...

My 3000th tweet and 5 years on the blog passed last week and I thought I would try to sum up what I have observed to be the difference between 20th and 21st century schools.

You might be stuck in the 20th century if:

*There's a typewriter in the main office or Keyboarding is taught in Middle School.
*The media center is still called the library and it's computers are not connected to the     Internet.
*There are cassette players and VCR tapes available for checkout in the library.
*There are faculty members who don't do email or need help turning in grades digitally.
*There are faculty members who have retired but are still employed teaching our children.
*When teachers go to the copy room they carry a ream of paper with them for handouts.
*Student book bags weigh more than the students.
*Most Professional learning is limited to preplanning and post planning .
*Your administrator wants to know if you've ever heard of a blog or wiki.
*Students must deposit their phones in a basket before entering the classroom.

Feel free to add to the list via comments.

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